Back to school organisation

The holidays are all but over, but my kids seem oblivious to the impending routine that begins at 7.30am tomorrow; the return to school. Right now the kids are wearing their pyjamas at 11.30am with no intention of getting dressed and little regard for the time of day. It’s only me who is thinking of the morning to come and the list of tasks as long as my arm. Here are ten tips to get organised for back to school.

Do the washing 

Make sure all of the school uniforms are clean, dry and ready for wear.

Collect school uniforms 

Locate everyone’s items and stack them into piles and leave them prepared in an easy to find place for the morning to come, right down to socks and underwear.

Clean school shoes 

Make sure they fit, and your kids know where their shoes are too.

Get out everyone’s lunchboxes and drink bottles 

Now is also a good time to check these items are in good order too.

Do a bake up for lunchboxes
Take the stress out of lunchboxes and bake some freezable snacks to get you by for the first week.

Clean out school bags 

If you haven’t already, check all of the pockets for nasties like old lunch items, soggy papers, etc.

Check your planner

Do you know what is on for the first and second weeks of term? You don’t want unplanned surprises at 7am on a Monday morning.

Organise your car

Did you go away on the holidays? Is your car still full of luggage and bikes? Make things smooth for the first day back by cleaning it up and checking everyone’s car seats are in order.

Finalise your school notices

Does a child have a camp or excursion notice that is overdue? Do you have payments for school items or events to organise urgently in preparation for the week?

Make sure belongings are

Check your children’s jumpers and other items to make sure they are actually yours and are labeled.

Article by Jody from Six Little Hearts

Author: Amy Vickery

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